Club Medal Collection  

     The Club has accumulated a large number of medals over the years, most of them in the latter half of the 19th century.  Many were won in competition, while others were presented to the Club by Club Members.  (See the Club's "Story So Far" for some of the history behind them).  77 medals were collected in all, the earliest of which is dated 1846.  For many years, they were kept in a display case in the tannery in Bridge of Weir, and the case would be taken out to be shown at special Club occasions.  It was agreed unanimously at the 2003 AGM that the medal collection together with the old Club Minute Books should be donated to Paisley Museum and Art Galleries.  The museum has facilities for safekeeping and display of the artifacts, and can make them accessible to a much wider audience.  The museum will also release the medals and books to the Club for any special Club occasion.  Timed to coincide with the 2005 Women's Curling World Championsips at the Lagoon Centre, Paisley, the collection is now on public display in the upper gallery of the museum, which is located at 68 High Street, Paisley PA1 2BA, and can be contacted on 0141-889-3151.

Photographs of the complete case and some of the individual medals are available in both high-resolution and low-resolution formats. On a 56 kbps modem, they will display in about 8 - 20 seconds in high-resolution format, and in less than half that time in low-resolution (but still acceptable!) format.  Use the left-hand graphic below for high-resolution photos, or the right-hand graphic for low-resolution ones.  The complete display case can be seen by clicking anywhere OUTSIDE the red rectangle.  A close-up of the group of medals in the middle of the display case can be seen by clicking anywhere INSIDE the red rectangle.  Close-ups of the obverse (or front) of some individual medals can be seen by clicking on the numbered turquoise rectangles, while the reverse (or back) can be seen by clicking on the numbered yellow rectangles.  Descriptions of the numbered medals follow the graphics.

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     1. District Medal - 1850
The obverse reads, "Won by Bridge of Weir from Paisley Union 1850".  The Reverse contains a lovely bas-relief picture of an outdoor curling scene, with the letters SC(orG)I(orL)ATER.SG on the lower edge.  No hallmarks are visible.
     2. RCCC X11th Province Medal - 1856
The obverse reads, "BRIG (sic) OF WEIR, Won from HOUSTON, Jan 14th 1856."  The Reverse reads, "RCCC Twelfth Province"
     3. RCCC X11th Province Medal - date unknown
This is one of the few medals in the collection which is attached to a ribbon.  The obverse reads, "R.C.C.C" on the medal clip, and "Renfrewshire, Scotland" on the brightly enameled medal.
     4. District Medal - 1855
This medal is similar to medal 1 above.  It reads on the obverse, "ROYAL CALEDONIAN CURLING CLUB, INSTITUTED 25 JULY 1838," and, "BRIDGE OF WEIR as forfeit from GORBALS, GLASGOW JAN 27th 1855."  On the reverse, it has the same outdoor curling scene as medal 1.
     5. Renfrewshire Province Medal - 1932-03
This attractive medal is suspended by two silver brooms from a clip which reads, "Province Medal".  It reads on the obverse, "ROYAL CALEDONIAN CURLING CLUB, INSTITUTED 25 JULY 1838," and, "WON BY BRIDGE OF WEIR CURLING CLUB ON LOCH WINNOCH SEASON 1932-33, 64 SHOTS UP OVER 7 RINKS, AVERAGE GAIN PER RINK 9 1/7."  (Isn't that "9 1/7" just superb?)  It is also hallmarked.
     6. Joseph Findlay Jnr. Medal - 1846
This medal reads on the obverse, "Presented to the Bridge of Weir Curling Club By Joseph Findlay Jnr Esqr 1846"  On the reverse is a list of winners, which reads William Speirs - Joiner 1848, Robert Speirs Jr 1849, Robert Rodger 1850, Robert Speirs Jr 1855, William Speirs - Joiner 1864, John Speirs - Currier 1865, James Purdie 1890 & 1892, John Inglis 1891, W B Alexander & C.M. Crichton 1903, John Woodrow 1907, John MacLeod 1909.  The medal is hallmarked with a woman's head (Queen Victoria?), the silversmith's initials (WCS), a lion passant (Signifying Glasgow), and a tree with fish and bell (Glasgow town assay mark).  There is no date mark.
     7. William Alexander Snr. Medal - 1853
This medal reads on the obverse, "Presented to the Bridge of Weir Curling Club by Mr. William Alexander Snr 1853"  The reverse is empty, but past president Andy T found the following in the relevant Club Minute Book: "Resolution No.5: Proposed by Wm. Lang Seconded by John Speirs, That as Wm. Alexander Snr has presented this Club with Silver Medal to be competed for annually in the game, and same points that (word obscured) Findlays is played for, and to be given to the Winner of Second Most points in said game at points.  That he Wm. Alexander Snr be placed on the books as honorary member.  Carried unanimously."  The medal is hallmarked with a lion rampant (indicating Glasgow Sterling silver), Queen Victoria's head, the silversmith's initials (WGT), and a date mark(1853).

Club member Maryel P, who has been working at the Lagoon Centre on the 2005 Championships, has had an article on the history of the medals published in the daily "Hog Liner" newsletter, which makes an entertaining read.

(Thanks to Maryel P for descriptions of the medals, to her husband Bruce who took the photos,
and to Andy T for his research in the Minute Books.)
Bridge of Weir Curling Club - 2005